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Two Johnston County Roads to Reopen This Month

North Johnson Road was damaged by floodwaters

North Johnson Road (pictured) was damaged on Sept. 1 by a flash flood.

SMITHFIELD – The N.C. Department of Transportation plans to reopen two Johnston County roads damaged by summer storms.

At both locations, floodwaters damaged the drainage pipes underneath the roads, as well as the shoulder and pavement. A combination of contract and NCDOT crews will install box-shaped culverts, which will be larger than the damaged pipes, that are needed to complete the repairs.

These are the affected locations and anticipated reopening:

Once crews are finished with North Johnson Road, they will move onto the Lake Wendell site. 

Weather and site work, however, could delay these anticipated reopening dates, so drivers should go to and type in “Johnston County" in the search box to check whether these roads remain closed.

The combined cost for repairing both locations, including for materials, equipment and labor, totals about $475,000.


11/4/2020 9:17 AM