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Weekly Cash Watch Report

RALEIGH – To be open and transparent and to comply with Session Law 2019-251 of the N.C. General Assembly, the N.C. Department of Transportation will issue a news release each Friday publishing the weekly “NCDOT Cash Watch Numbers” report, which is a snapshot of NCDOT expenditures.

For holidays when NCDOT offices are closed, the release and report will be published on the closest business day.

The latest cash report, as well as previous reports, can be viewed on this NCDOT webpage.

Each report will open with what the combined cash balance was in the preceding report. The report will include a list of disbursements in broad categories and conclude with the ending cash balance.  In addition, the report will include a snapshot of “reserved cash” balances. These funds are dedicated to specific projects and are held in what is called a “Trustee Account” until they are disbursed to pay for work completed on projects funded with Build NC bonds, GARVEE bonds or Energy Savings-Roadway lighting funds.

Cash balance fluctuates from day to day as revenue comes in and disbursements are made. The official monthly cash balance is determined at the close of each month as line items are reconciled. The NCDOT is required to have no less than $292,725,000 combined cash balance at month’s end. Weekly balances are not indicative of what the final monthly cash balance will be.


11/13/2020 11:31 AM