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Greene County Intersection to Become a Temporary All-Way Stop Next Week

​WALSTONBURG – A Greene County intersection is set to be transformed into a temporary four-way stop next week so officials can prepare to change which of the two roads has the right-of-way. 

On Jan. 11, the N.C. Department of Transportation plans to install and implement the four-way stop at Speights Bridge Road and Walston Road. Currently, traffic on Walston Road does not have to stop.

NCDOT crews will be adding stop signs and pavement markings. Drivers in the area should be alert for crews working and be prepared for the new traffic pattern.
In April, crews will remove the stop signs for traffic on Speights Bridge Road, allowing those motorists to move through the intersection without stopping to create a more natural flow of traffic.

To learn more about the benefits and what to do at an all-way stop, visit this NCDOT webpage​.


1/7/2022 1:17 PM