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I-140 Bridge Joint Repair Requires Intermittent Lane Closures

WILMINGTON – A contractor for the N.C. Department of Transportation began today repairing metal expansion joints on a portion of the Dan Cameron Bridge just east of where Interstate 140 spans U.S. 421 at Exit 14.

The contractor will repair the joints across all four lanes of this section of the mile-long bridge, but will close only one lane at a time between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The lane to be closed and the direction of travel will vary each day.

Expansion joints provide a smoother ride and protect the girders supporting the driving deck. 

The contractor is expected to complete the repairs by Friday afternoon.

Drivers should slow down and expect to encounter a lane closure from either direction when crossing the bridge this week. 


1/31/2022 3:40 PM