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I-95 Will Be Widened North of Lumberton

LUMBERTON – An eight-mile section of Interstate 95 north of Lumberton will be widened, after the N.C. Department of Transportation awarded a $247 million contract this week.

Flatiron Constructors Inc. of Morrisville will widen the interstate from its present four lanes into eight lanes from just south Exit 22 to mile marker 29.

The project will include reconstructing Exit 25 with a longer, wider and taller bridge and new ramps with roundabouts. In addition, two overpasses – Powersville Road and McDuffie Crossing Road – will be replaced. This NCDOT project page has more details.

Exit 22, which was recently rebuilt as a diverging-diamond interchange, does not need to be replaced.
The overall project is needed to reduce congestion, plan for anticipated growth in traffic volumes and improve safety.

The contractor can begin by Nov. 1, and will have toward the end of 2026 to complete all of the improvements. As with the department's other I-95 widening contracts, the work will require the installation of concrete barriers for safety; reduced shoulder access; and occasional lane closures overnight with reduced speed limits.

This is one of several NCDOT contracts for widening I-95. Below is a summary organized by mile markers:

​Contract Award
​MM 13-21
​$432 million
​Fall 2022
​Summer 2026
​MM 21-29
​$247 million
​Fall 2022
​Fall 2026
​MM 29-37
​$283 million
​Summer 2022
​Fall 2026
​MM 37-41 
​$103 million*
​Fall 2022
​Winter 2024
​MM 56-71 
​$404 million
​Fall 2020
​Fall 2025
​MM 71-81 ​
​$236.5 million
​Summer 2021 
​Summer 2026

*Per a supplemental agreement NCDOT signed last year for one of the Fayetteville Outer Loop contracts.​


10/5/2022 9:50 AM