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NCDOT Employees Rescue Kernersville Citizen in Need

Pictured from left to right are Cpl. Andrew Davis, Forsyth County EMS, NCDOT Transportation Supervisors J.P. Coleman and Jeremy Shoffner, Kernersville Mayor Dawn Morgan, Kernersville Fire Rescue Chief Scott Alderman and Battalion Chief Barry McLean.​​

KERNERSVILLE – Two N.C. Department of Transportation workers were recently recognized by the City of Kernersville for their heroic efforts to provide aid to a Forsyth County resident.

Transportation supervisors John P. Coleman and Jeremy Shoffner, both NCDOT Division 9 Roadside Environmental employees, were traveling through Kernersville when they noticed a person on their front porch in medical distress.  

“As we drove by and I saw the situation, I felt that something wasn’t right,” said Coleman, who has been a volunteer firefighter since the age of 15 and is now a volunteer fireman lieutenant. “I looked at Jeremy and said we need to turn around and find out what is going on.”

The NCDOT employees immediately returned to the home to offer help. Both men have had training in CPR and first aid. Coleman administered CPR with assistance from Shoffner until the fire department and police arrived to take over the scene.

Coleman said he has seen a lot of different things over the years as a firefighter but coming upon an unexpected situation like this on his day job was very different from what he is used to. He said in his experience with receiving calls for fires, there is time to think, plan and execute it when you arrive at the scene.

Shoffner said he was nervous, with this being his first time using his first aid training at NCDOT in a real-world situation, but both men agreed it was an act of God that placed them there.

“I am thankful that God put me there at the right time and place to help, and that God knew that we could do it,” said Shoffner. “It makes my heart feel full to have the positive outcome and know that I helped save this man’s life and that he is now alive and doing well.”

The Town of Kernersville Board of Aldermen recognized the two men for their efforts with a Certificate of Merit at the Division 9 Roadside Environment Unit Safety meeting last week. 

Both men said they were deeply honored and happy that the Kernersville mayor, fire department, and Forsyth County Emergency Medical Services took the time to recognize them with their coworkers in attendance. They also thanked the first responders who arrived quickly to administer aid.


10/7/2022 1:20 PM