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Amboy Road Bridge Improvements Start Monday

ASHEVILLE – A contractor for the N.C. Department of Transportation may begin upgrading parts of the Amboy Road bridge over the French Broad River on Monday.

Crews from IPC Structures, LLC., will widen the 2-foot-wide sidewalk on the north side of the bridge to 5 feet, rehabilitate the bridge joints and install new pavement markings. 

NCDOT and the City of Asheville are partnering on this $409,000 project to provide better pedestrian connectivity with the greenway system and the RADTIP project. Construction should be complete by Dec. 8.

At some point during the project — to be determined at a later date by the contractor — vehicle travel will be restricted to a single lane over the bridge with a temporary signal controlling traffic.

Transportation officials anticipate delays at this location, especially during commuting hours, during this 30-day closure. A signed pedestrian detour will be placed while the sidewalk is closed.

Transportation officials remind drivers and pedestrians to remain alert and obey all posted signs in the work zone.​


7/28/2023 12:06 PM