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Orange County Intersection Will Become All-Way Stop


HILLSBOROUGH- An all-way stop will be installed to improve safety at an Orange County intersection.

State transportation crews are scheduled to make the traffic change Tuesday at the intersection of Mebane Oaks Road and Thom Road/Bradshaw Quarry Road. The work will start around 9 a.m. and is scheduled to be completed that same afternoon, weather permitting. Currently, drivers only on Thom/ Bradshaw Quarry Road must stop.

The all-way stop is the result of a recent NCDOT engineering study of crashes at this intersection. To learn more why NCDOT installs all-way stops and how to navigate them, visit this NCDOT webpage.​

Drivers should slow down and use caution in this intersection while the safety improvement is being made.


6/16/2023 2:23 PM