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Project History

​The proposed extension of Baltimore Road and new interchange with Interstate 40 has been identified as a needed project by the Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Town of Bermuda Run, Davie County and the N.C. Department of Transportation. 

A 2017 Transportation Alternatives Feasibility Study​ recommended the extension and new interchange and considered the impacts of various alternatives. The recommendations from this study were incorporated into the Town of Bermuda Run Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2017. 

The future road extension and interchange were shown in the Davie County Comprehensive Plan​, adopted in 2019. The project was most recently included in the 2045 Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the Winston-Salem Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization​, adopted in 2021.​

NCDOT met with federal and state agencies in January 2022 to begin the evaluation process of the identified alternatives.

Based on impact analyses, stakeholder coordination (public, property owners, local elected officials, community organizations), public feedback, and regulatory requirements, the N.C. Department of Transportation has selected Alternative 3 as the preferred alternative​ for the proposed Baltimore Road Extension project in December 2022.​​

1/18/2023 3:39 PM