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Capital Boulevard North Upgrade (Raleigh to Wake Forest)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Suspended​

​Preliminary engineering activities for this project have been temporarily suspended. 

​​Project Overview

Planning and development are underway on a proposal to improve traffic congestion and travel times by converting Capital Boulevard (U.S. 1) between I-540 in Raleigh and Purnell/Harris roads in Wake Forest to a controlled-access road.

Controlled-access means ramps at interchanges would provide entry onto the roadway, cross-streets could have overpasses built over them, and private driveway connections would not be allowed.

​Between 32,000 and 65,000 vehicles travel this stretch of Capital Boulevard per day, and traffic is anticipated to increase to 44,000 to 75,000 vehicles per day by 2040.

Travel times are highly variable, making it difficult for drivers to plan trips. A trip at evening peak hour, for example, can take up to four times longer than trips at non-peak times. 

Project Funding

This project is listed as Project U-5307 in the N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program and is funded for $475​​​ million.

​Estimated Cost*
​Project development and design​$1 million
​Property acquisition​$147 million
​Construction costs​$327 million
​Total cost ​$475 million​

*Estimated costs subject to change​

11/2/2020 9:44 AM