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'Corridor K' Improvements

​​​​Project Overview

The N.C. Department of Transportation is studying improvement options from Andrews to Stecoah in Cherokee and Graham Counties as part of a proposed project to provide the transportation infrastructure necessary for the well-being of local residents and regional traffic.

Doing so would help improve travel time, reliability and safety in the area.

This region is known as Corridor K of the Appalachian Development Highway System – a network of road corridors that Congress established in 1965 to provide a safe, efficient transportation system for the Appalachian Region.

Corridor K extends from Dillsboro in Jackson County, to I-75 in Cleveland, Tennessee.
Given the challenges associated with the region's mountainous terrain and sensitive natural habitat, the proposed project is among the last of the Appalachian Development Highway System's corridors to be completed.

Project Funding

This project is listed as Project A-0009 in the Draft 2020-2029 N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program and is funded for $680.1 million.

​Estimated Cost*
​Project development and design​$83,932,000
​Property acquisition​$28,800,000
​Construction costs​$567,425,000
​Total cost​$680,157,000

*Estimated costs subject to change

12/6/2019 1:58 PM