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Project Highlights

​​Approximately four miles of Evans Street/Old Tar Road would be widened in each direction from one lane to two, and they would be separated by a raised median.

The stretch of road from the Cooper Street/Worthington Road intersection to Greenville Boulevard would include four 11-foot travel lanes, a 23-foot median, a curb and gutter, bicycle lanes and sidewalks. In the vicinity of the South Hall and Paramore subdivisions, the N.C. Department of Transportation recommends a 16-foot median to minimize neighborhood impacts.

Because of the high volume of projected traffic at the Old Tar Road/Evans Street intersections with Fire Tower Road and Greenville Boulevard, NCDOT considered conventional intersection improvements along with other design options.

Preferred Alternatives

NCDOT evaluated a range of design options - referred to as detailed study alternatives - that included:

  • Quadrant roadways
  • Median U-turn options, which restrict left turns at key intersections
  • Conventional Intersection Improvements, which would add more travel or turn lanes to a four-way intersection

After reviewing feedback from the public and consulting with local officials and government agencies, NCDOT selected the preferred alternative designs listed below:

Environmental Study Complete

The environmental document, a Categorical Exclusion, for the project was completed and signed Sept. 5, 2017. It is available for viewing at:

NCDOT Division 2 Office
105 Pactolus Highway
Greenville, NC 27835

5/19/2022 10:33 AM