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I-26 Widening

​Project Overview

Planning and development are underway on a project to widen approximately 16.9 miles of I-26 from U.S. 64, in Hendersonville, to Brevard Road, in Asheville. The project will help provide for high-speed, safe and efficient travel.

The project is divided into two project sections:

  • Section I-4400 is a 9.1-mile stretch that begins at U.S. 64 (Exit 49) in Hendersonville, and extends along I-26 west to N.C. 280 (Exit 40).
  • Section I-4700 is an 7.8-mile stretch th​​at extends along I-26 from N.C. 280 west to the I-40/240 interchange. 

Widening I-26 in the project area will improve overall roadway capacity to better handle existing and future traffic volumes. 

Sections of I-26 currently operate at levels of congestion characterized by unstable travel speeds with a high level of discomfort to the driver. As projected traffic volumes increase, more sections of I-26 are projected to operate at similar levels of congestion. By 2040, I-26 is anticipated to operate over capacity, hindering its ability to serve high-speed regional travel. 

The project will also improve pavement structure and deteriorating existing road surface conditions. The existing roadway surface on I-26 in the project area has undergone major rehabilitation twice, most recently in 2011.


Mitchell Bishop, P.E.

Assistant Construction Engineer
Division 14

253 Webster Road
Sylva, NC 28779

Nathan Moneyham, P.E.

Assistant Construction Engineer
Division 13

55 Orange St.
Asheville, NC 28801

10/3/2019 11:15 AM