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Project Highlights

For funding purposes, the proposed widening of I-95 is divided into two sections:

  • I-95 from I-95 Business/U.S. 301 to Long Branch Road (Exit 71) in Harnett County (STIP I-5896A)
  • I-95 from Long Branch Road to I-40 (Exit 81) in Johnston County (STIP I-5896B)

The work would include several other projects in the area at the same time:

  • Improvements to I-95 interchanges with Bud Hawkins Road (Exit 70) and Long Branch Road (Exit 71) in Harnett County (STIP I-5877)
  • Improvements to I-95 interchanges with Pope Road/Spring Branch Road (Exit 72) and U.S. 421 (East Cumberland Street) (Exit 73) in Harnett County (STIP I-5878)
  • Improvements to I-95 interchanges with Jonesboro Road (Exit 75) and Hodges Chapel Road (Exit 77) (STIP I-5883)

Viewed together, the projects would result in the following improvements:

  • I-95 would be widened to eight lanes between exit 56 and exit 81.
    Interchanges along the project would be upgraded to meet current standards.
  • Overpass bridges between Baywood Road in Cumberland County and N.C. 50 (Exit 79) would be replaced.
  • Bridges on I-95 at Black River in Cumberland County and U.S. 421 in Harnett County would be replaced.
  • Service roads would be realigned to allow for I-95 widening and to meet current standards.
  • Roundabouts would be added at some interchanges to minimize impacts to nearby properties.
  • A new overpass bridge would be built at South Market Street and Cub Road in Benson.
  • Bicycle and/or pedestrian accommodations would be added to some overpass bridges.

10/15/2018 3:14 PM