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I-40 Widening - Southeast Raleigh to Clayton

​​​​​Project Overview

Planning and design efforts are underway to improve traffic on a 12-mile stretch of I-40 – from Raleigh to the I-40/N.C. 42 interchange in Clayton – which serves communities in Wake and Johnston counties, connects the region to I-95 and is a primary route to coastal tourism destinations.

An estimated 35.6 million vehicles traveled the roadway in 2015, making the stretch of I-40 subject to congestion and frequent delays – especially in the morning and afternoon rush hours.

With traffic expected to increase 65 percent by 2040, conditions will only worsen – especially around the I-40/N.C. 42 interchange, an area seeing a boom in residential and commercial growth.

Improvements would help ease congestion and delays as well as make travel safer throughout the heavily traveled area and better accommodate traffic due to future growth.

12/9/2019 1:15 PM