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Project History

​Finding of No Significant Impact Approved

In January 2018, the N.C. Department of Transportation signed the Finding of No Significant Impact, an environmental document in which the Federal Highway Administration found that the project would have no significant impact to the environment.

Preferred Alternative Selected

In October 2017, NCDOT chose the partial cloverleaf design, because it was the 'Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative' – meaning that, of all the proposed design options considered, it would have the least impact on the natural environment.

NCDOT made the decision based on an Environmental Assessment, a January 2017 report on the potential for environmental effects in the project area to determine if more environmental studies are needed.

The report outlines the impacts from the partial cloverleaf interchange, as well as a half cloverleaf interchange design.

It should be noted that for both alternatives, the four lanes south alignment and the two lanes north alignment are the same for both alternatives. ​

NCDOT also considered input from the public – during public comment periods and public hearings in August 2016 and May 2017 – in its decision to choose the partial cloverleaf design as the preferred alternative.

A diamond interchange – with a ramp in all four quadrants – had initially been a potential for the project, but NCDOT removed it from consideration prior to the Environmental Assessment as a result of public input and because of its impact on property owners and the natural environment.

10/7/2019 10:11 AM