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Project History

Contract for Section A Awarded

In May 2017, Section A ­– which involves the N.C. 119 interchange with I-85/40 north to Mebane Rogers Road –was awarded for construction to Thalle Construction Company for $45.3 million.

Record of Decision Approved

On Dec. 22, 2009, the Federal Highway Administration approved the Record of Decision. This is the final decision document that outlines why NCDOT approved the selected alternative and specifies commitments made during the project planning process to mitigate impacts to the community and environment.

Environmental Impact Statements Completed

NCDOT completed the Draft Environmental Impact Statement in October 2007 and the Final Environmental Impact Statement in June 2009. The documents detail the project’s purpose and need, the alternatives considered and their impacts to area communities and cultural and natural resources, coordination with the public, and local, state and federal agency input.

3/1/2022 10:56 AM