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Project Highlights

​​The N.C. Department of Transportation plans to widen N.C. 42 in Johnston County between N.C. 50 and U.S. 70 Business in Clayton from two lanes to a four-lane road divided by a median. 

Additionally, work would involve replacing three bridges on N.C. 42 that no longer meet today's traffic demands. Those bridges cross Swift Creek, Little Creek and White Oak Creek.

NCDOT preferred alternative will be a "best fit" design for the widening that will have the least impact overall on property owners along the corridor. However, some impacts will be unavoidable.

Engineers have drafted a preliminary design based on a traffic study of the area. Information on which properties would be affected and how the intersections would be improved is available on the public meeting maps​ webpage.

The environmental study evaluated noise impacts likely to result from the roadway improvements. Noise barriers may benefit residences at five locations along the roadway. These are identified in the project’s Categorical Exclusion, the final environmental document.

NCDOT will complete the design and purchase the right of way before awarding a construction contract, which is scheduled to be in January 2029. The project will take about four years to complete.​

As of February 2023, NCDOT is currently advancing project development only between U.S. 70 and the Interstate 40 interchange with updated design maps. Among the revisions to the maps since the 2018 public meetings are two design options​ for improving the intersection of N.C. 42 and Cornwallis Road.

Date of Public Knowledge

The Date of Public Knowledge of the location and potential noise impacts of the proposed widening of N.C. 42 is July 2, 2018, the approval date of the Categorical Exclusion.

NCDOT is not responsible for evaluating or implementing any noise barriers to protect developed lands that were not permitted before the Date of Public Knowledge.

The criterion for determining when undeveloped land is permitted for development is the approval date of a building permit for an individual lot or site. Approval of a development plat or any other development plan does not meet the permitted criteria. NCDOT advocates use of local government authority to regulate land development, planning, design and construction in such a way that noise impacts are minimized.

12/14/2023 9:57 AM