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U.S. 117 Corridor Upgrade Near Goldsboro

​Project Overview

Planning and development are underway on a proposed project to upgrade about 24 miles of the U.S. 117 corridor to interstate standards between I-40 in Sampson County and I-795 in Wayne County. The project also includes a portion of Duplin County.

Part of the upgrade may involve building new sections of roadway. The existing corridor includes N.C. 403, U.S. 117 Connector, U.S. 117, U.S. 13 and N.C. 581.

This project has been broken into six sections, A through F​, which are in various stages of development and funding.

Four sections (C-F) are scheduled for right-of-way acquisition within the next eight years, and none of the four is funded for construction in the 2020-2029 STIP. See the Project Timeline below for more information.​

12/8/2022 3:19 PM