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Project Highlights

​Improvements to U.S. 158 are divided into three sections:

  • Section A is 5.1 miles long. It begins just north of U.S. 421/Business 40/N.C. 150 and ends at Belews Creek Road in Forsyth County.
  • Section B is 7.2 miles long. It begins at Belews Creek Road in Forsyth County and ends at Anthony Road in Guilford County.
  • Section C is 6.5 miles long. It begins at Anthony Road in Guilford County and ends at U.S. 220 in Guilford County.

By widening Sections A and B to a four-lane, median-divided highway, NCDOT can help reduce crashes by alleviating congestion.

Section C would be mostly a four-lane, median-divided bypass around Stokesdale, since NCDOT cannot widen U.S. 158 through the town, without it having a significant impact on the historic central business district. Short sections of widening U.S. 158 on existing location, will also occur in Section C.

In Section C, the U.S. 158 bypass Alternative 3, the northern bypass route of Stokesdale, was chosen for construction, by the state and federal-member project design team.

7/10/2018 10:18 AM