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Study Highlights

​​The U.S. 64 Corridor Study master plan includes two distinct components, a short-term plan and a long-term plan:

  • The short-term plan consists of interim strategies to improve mobility, safety and pedestrian accessibility at major intersections.
  • The long-term plan consists of improvements needed to serve the anticipated amount of traffic in the year 2035 and later. It proposes to convert many of the major intersections to interchanges or overpasses.

Based on existing data and projections of how the corridor is expected to evolve, the study establishes a framework and collaborative process for land use and transportation decisions along the corridor.

Numerous agencies and groups are responsible for overseeing elements of the corridor, including environmental agencies, NCDOT, counties and local municipalities. The study provides a comprehensive plan ​that will provide the decision-makers with the tools to collaborate and make decisions consistent with the vision for the corridor.

The results of the study are meant to be flexible and allow for innovation and enhancement of the solutions in the event that the future trends change or better solutions are developed.

10/27/2020 4:10 PM