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Project Highlights

​​Improvements could include a median-divided roadway with four or six lanes and the potential for U.S. 70 to have a posted speed limit of 60 mph.

​Environmental Planning Underway

Once this project is re-started, it will be included in an Environmental Document that evaluates the environmental effects of a project.

This project is in the early stages of the planning process and a comprehensive public involvement plan will be developed. Input from the public is important and will be collected and addressed throughout the development of the project.

When environmental planning is re-started, representatives from the N.C. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be present on properties in the project study area for the purposes of conducting or verifying the limits of streams and wetlands.

In October 2016, NCDOT sent notices to landowners in the study area informing them of the fieldwork.

The study area surrounding U.S. 70 is outlined in red on the vicinity map. The study area represents the location of fieldwork to identify environmental resources. It does not represent property to be purchased to construct the project.

These representatives will be wearing orange safety vests, have picture identification badges, and will be hanging pink and black flagging tape, or ribbons, on trees and shrubs to identify the limits of streams and wetlands, if present, on the property. This flagging does not indicate the location of the proposed transportation project, but it is critical in the environmental review process. It is important that the flagging remain in place during the study.

9/13/2023 4:29 PM