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Project History

Community outreach began with individual meetings and small focus groups from June 2015 to September 2015.

The N.C. Department of Transportation held corridor-wide public meetings in October 2015 to gather feedback, hear concerns and answer questions related to the proposed improvements. Information presented during these meetings can be found here.

Before moving into the design development phase of its work, the project team, in November 2015, began reviewing all feedback to gain a clear understanding of the existing traffic, safety and operational issues in the area.

The project team returned to the James City community in early December 2016 to present the design ideas and gather additional public comments and feedback. From those comments and feedback, NCDOT selected the Preferred Alternative (Alternative A1) in June 2017.

The portion of U.S. 70, approximately 1.75 miles between east of Thurman Road and Garner Road, was added to the original project in July 2017. Both projects are on the same schedule of completing the preliminary planning and design process in May 2018.

Two focus group meetings were held at the Cornerstone Assembly Church in January 2018 to gather public comment and feedback on the added portion of the U.S. 70 project between east of Thurman Road and Garner Road.

NCDOT held two public meetings in late February 2019, allowing representatives to answer questions and gather input about the project.

NCDOT awarded the contract in September of 2019.

3/16/2020 8:56 AM