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State Mapping Resources

​​​​​​​The N.C. Department of Transportation produces and maintains a variety of maps and data – from travel maps for the public to technical designs for transportation planners – that play a part in the planning, funding, construction and maintenance of roads and highways in North Carolina.

Most of these resources are available on Connect NCDOT, the department's resource site for business, professional and working partners.​​​

Online Maps & Resources

Some of the maps and resources produced by NCDOT's State Mapping Unit are listed in the table below. Additional products are available on Connect NCDOT.

County & BridgesCounty and bridge maps identify primary and secondary roads and bridges in the state transportation system.
North Carolina Truck Network Map​Map and bridge information for the trucking industry, as well as N.C. State Highway Patrol information.
​Posted Bridges
Posted bridge maps show where a bridge's structural load – the maximum amount of weight the structure can safely support – are posted on interstates and U.S. and N.C. routes​.
Road Inventory Data & ReportsThe Road Inventory Section of the Transportation Asset Analytics unit capture current and past road system data spatially and through mileage summary reports.
​Straight-line Diagrams
Straight-line diagrams are illustrations of the construction history of North Carolina's interstate as well as U.S. and N.C. routes.
Traffic Volume Maps

​NCDOT’s Traffic Survey Group collects traffic data statewide to analyze and support planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation and research activities required to manage North Carolina's transportation system. These traffic volume maps – also known as annual average daily traffic volume maps – and reports are published annually.

Geographic Information Systems

NCDOT's Geographic Information Systems unit provides geographic information and services, including data, reports, downloads and software tools for the department as well as business partners and the public.

Many of these resources, including those listed below, are available on Connect NCDOT.

Specialized Maps

With appropriate approval, the Mapping Section can create specialized maps for other state agencies. It also has an extensive map collection available for purchase.

Along with county and bridge maintenance maps, enlarged versions of the S​tate Transportation Map​, primary route maps, and general reference maps such as county boundaries and NCDOT division maps are available for order.

The Mapping Section can also reproduce copies of historic versions of NCDOT county and state travel maps.

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