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Benefits of Public Transit

​​​Public transportation provides economic and health benefits to communities as well as access to work, education, training, medical transportation, shopping and tourism.

It also helps to reduce individual transportation costs as well as congestion and delays and road construction and maintenance.

  • In 2019, North Carolina's 98 public transportation systems served more than 70 million passengers.

  • More than $125 million in state and federal funds supported transit operations in all 100 counties. This funding supported 12,500 transit-related jobs, resulting in $633 million in wages.

  • Every $1 that the state invests in transit generates approximately $6 of total investment in North Carolina from federal, state and local sources. In 2017, North Carolina invested $52.4 million in state operating funds, which helped bring in $287 million in federal and local funds.

11/16/2022 9:33 AM