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On-Demand Microtransit

​​​​​​​​​The landscape of public transportation is evolving in North Carolina. One of the​ advancements is the expansion of on-demand microtransit, also known as on-demand transit, or microtransit. This new option is growing in popularity and is unique in how it delivers transportation services to the public. 

The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Integrated Mobility Division is leading the improvement of more mobility options, including on-demand microtransit.  

​What is On-Demand Microtransit?

On-demand microtransit is an emerging service option for public transit agencies utilizing an on-demand transportation solution that is flexible and responsive to the real-time needs of transit riders. 

On-demand microtransit is similar to private on-demand services, rideshare allowing riders to book and pay for trips online, whether using personal computers or personal mobile devices connected to the internet. Riders are typically picked up at their preferred origin and taken to their preferred destination (curb-to-curb service). The ability to use transit for spontaneous trips similar to driving is fundamental to providing equitable mobility.

 ​​​ See How Microtransit Works ​​

​Why Microtransit?

  • Addresses unmet needs for transportation disadvantaged populations
  • Promotes transportation equity by providing multimodal services that are comparable to driving in terms of time, convenience and cost
  • Can be a more convenient and reliable option than traditional pre-scheduled demand response or infrequent fixed route services

Mobility for Everyone, Everywhere

The U.S. Department of Transportation through the Rural Surfaces Transportation Grant Program awarded NCDOT $10.4 million for Mobility for Everyone, Everywhere in NC​, or MEE NC. 

The grant advances NCDOT's vision and strategy to partner with the state’s rural transit systems to launch on-demand microtransit in 11 communities throughout the state. This program will accelerate the deployment of high-quality, on-demand transit services leading to more equitable mobility and improved access to opportunities, services, and resources from 2024 to 2026. 

NCDOT will work with MEE NC communities on sustainable ways to continue on-demand service beyond the three-year grant window and engage with the public to evaluate the effectiveness of the service. 

5/1/2023 8:27 AM