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Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws

Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws
North Carolina has several laws – the most applicable below – that apply to both pedestrians and cyclists. They, however, do not include ordinances relevant to local governments.

Except where referencing motor vehicles only, the N.C. General Statutes define bicycles as vehicles that are subject to state traffic laws. For additional laws, consult the N.C. General Statutes.

N.C. StatuteDescription
G.S. 20Defines bicycles as vehicles that are subject to vehicle traffic laws
G.S. 20-129(e)Lamps on bicycles
G.S. 20-138.1Impaired driving (bicycling)
G.S. 20-146Vehicle and bicycle operation on roadways
G.S. 20-149Passing distances
G.S. 20-150ePassing in a no-passing zone
G.S. 20-154Bicyclist signaling with hand
G.S. 20-171.1Definitions
G.S. 20-171.2Bicycle racing
G.S. 20-171.8Child Bicycle Safety Act
G.S. 20-172Pedestrians and traffic signals
G.S. 20-173Pedestrian right of way at crosswalks
G.S. 20-174Pedestrians at unmarked crossings
G.S. 14-280.1Trespassing on railroad right of way

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