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North Carolina Tomorrow

North Carolina Tomorrow

Where Are We Going?

The future is unpredictable, but research into data and trends can help us prepare. Four potential futures, or scenarios, were developed for NC Moves 2050 considering data and trends related to economics, technology, population and weather events. These scenarios help us understand what could happen, not necessarily what will happen. They help paint a picture of possible futures and inform transportation strategies that can help North Carolina be more resilient across all possible futures.

The four alternative futures were compared and contrasted to a trend forecast as part of the Alternative Future analysis for NC Moves 2050. The trend assumes transportation demand, driven by a steady increase in population and economic expansion, will continue for the long term. The trend also assumes current and historical factors – population growth, development patterns, freight movement and other economic forces – will continue to largely influence where and how transportation activity occurs.

2/15/2021 11:56 AM