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What is NC Moves 2050?


What is NC Moves 2050?

As North Carolina grows and changes, so do the state’s transportation needs. By 2050, North Carolina’s population is anticipated to grow from 10 million to 14 million people. The economy, trade policies, technology and development patterns will all play a critical role in shaping transportation needs.

NC Moves 2050 is a strategic, multimodal transportation plan aimed at preparing for the future, connecting communities and supporting North Carolina’s economy and quality of life. The plan is focused on creating a more responsive, diverse and inclusive transportation system to keep people and freight moving safely and efficiently.

Current trends make now a great time to produce a policy-based transportation plan to guide future investments and performance goals, making the state more responsive to change.

NC Moves 2050 has four phases, each answering key questions about state’s transportation system:

30-Year Plan

Phase 01

State of the System

What is the current state of our transportation system?

Phase 02

Drivers & Opportunities

What factors will impact the way people and goods move and how we manage our transportation system in the future?

Phase 03

Alternative Futures

What could 2050 look like and how might the future impact transportation?

Phase 04

Future Needs, Priorities and Solutions

How do we meet the complex and dynamic transportation needs of an uncertain future?

Statewide Public Feedback

Public engagement was a key component of NC Moves 2050. More than 3 million people were reached across North Carolina at in-person events, presentations, workshops, NCDOT facilities, online opportunities and other activities. Throughout the development of NC Moves 2050, NCDOT engaged North Carolina citizens and community leaders in conversations about the future of transportation to identify needs, priorities and solutions.

Targeted outreach through regional events and direct communication ensured that NCDOT engaged diverse populations including those in rural areas, young adults and minority communities. Methods included reaching out to rural school districts, historically black colleges and universities, and counties with higher densities of minority populations to provide NC Moves 2050 Plan information and presentations.

People standing in line completing a survey.

Board with sticky notes.

Public comment map of North Carolina.

Table topic content for resident-led gatherings.

People standing in line completing a survey.

Poster contest winner.

Interactive Map by County

Click on the map to learn how residents in your county participated in the NC Moves surveys, comment map and the number of events and presentations that occurred. More information about engagement during each phase can be found at the links below.

  • Number of respondents per survey
  • Number of map comments
  • Number of table events/presentations

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