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Implementation Plan

​​​The completion of N.C. Department of Transportation's 30-year plan, NC Moves 2050, is a starting point for the agency. The NC Moves 2050 Implementation Plan commits to and establishes a process to put in place plan recommendations.

The implementation plan consists of three tiers that each have a 10-year span. NCDOT will first focus on Tier 1 actions, which will plan and implement strategies for the first 10 years. The plan serves as a roadmap for NCDOT leadership, staff, and key partners to put in place the defined Tier 1 goals.

​Tracking NCDOT's Progress

To track the progress of the plan implementation, NCDOT has created the NC Moves 2050 Implementation Performance Scorecard. This scorecard will show how well each Tier 1 actions are going in real-time. 

NCDOT has assigned each of the Tier 1 actions to a departmental lead. Various internal and external partners will assist each lead in their implementation process.

The departmental leads are responsible for advancing the work that will achieve the action goals. They will also report their team's progress to the NC Moves 2050 Implementation Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group includes:

  • NCDOT leaders
  • Federal, state and regional transportation partners
  • Representatives from relevant public and private interest groups

The advisory group will meet to ensure that the NC Moves 2050 plan is being integrated with other NCDOT activities. They will also ensure that the plan goals and objectives are being met. ​

2/15/2021 4:07 PM