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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a statewide transportation plan?
    A statewide transportation plan establishes a long-term transportation vision for a state and an outline with specific goals and strategies for how that vision will be achieved. The plan takes into consideration current and future growth, funding and technologies to develop a transportation plan that will be efficient and reliable.

    N.C. Moves 2050 is North Carolina’s update to the existing statewide transportation plan, called the 2040 plan.
  • What is the N.C. Moves 2050 planning process?
    The N.C. Moves planning process involves a two-year study that includes:
    • A multimodal evaluation of North Carolina’s current transportation system
    • The identification of drivers and opportunities that might have an impact on transportation
    • Technical analysis and conversations with citizens and leaders around the unique needs, tradeoffs, priorities and solutions for North Carolina
    • An implementation plan to guide the state in decision-making around transportation policy and infrastructure investment
  • Who participates?
    ​All North Carolina residents are invited and encouraged to participate. The N.C. Department of Transportation has also invited key agency, industry and community leaders to the table for focused conversations at milestones throughout the study.
  • How can I participate?
    ​There are several opportunities for engagement throughout the two-year study, including online surveys and an interactive comment map. NCDOT will also be at several events across North Carolina where the public can interact directly with the NC Moves 2050 project team.
  • Why should I participate?
    The future has an impact on everyone in some way – either directly or indirectly through our children and future generations. Today’s decisions can help shape that future in such a way that creates a more responsive, diverse and inclusive transportation system for keeping people and freight moving safely and efficiently.

    Through your participation, you can have a role in helping to shape that future.

7/9/2019 11:14 AM