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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a statewide transportation plan?
    A statewide transportation plan establishes a long-term transportation vision for a state and an outline with specific goals and strategies for how that vision will be achieved. The plan takes into consideration current and future growth, funding and technologies to develop a transportation plan that will be efficient and reliable.

    N.C. Moves 2050 is North Carolina’s update to the existing statewide transportation plan, called the 2040 plan.
  • What is the N.C. Moves 2050 planning process?
    The N.C. Moves planning process involves a two-year study that includes:
    • A multimodal evaluation of North Carolina’s current transportation system
    • The identification of drivers and opportunities that might have an impact on transportation
    • Technical analysis and conversations with citizens and leaders around the unique needs, tradeoffs, priorities and solutions for North Carolina
    • An implementation plan to guide the state in decision-making around transportation policy and infrastructure investment
  • What types of transportation are part of the NC Moves 2050 Plan?

    ​NC Moves 2050 is a multimodal transportation plan which means all modes of transportation are considered under the plan, including highways, aviation, public transit, bicyclists, pedestrians, ferries, ports and rail. ​

  • What are the recommendations of the NC Moves 2050 Plan?

    ​The final recommendations of the plan include 32 actions that propose specific planning, policy and partnership recommendations to prepare North Carolina’s transportation system for future change.​

  • How will NC Moves 2050 be executed?

    ​To ensure the recommendations of NC Moves 2050 are completed, an Implementation Plan was developed as part of the plan to create a team of NCDOT staff and stakeholders who will be responsible for employing actions and reporting on their progress. You can learn more about the implementation plan here​. ​

  • How does NC Moves 2050 fit with transportation plans completed by other planning organizations?

    ​The North Carolina statewide transportation plan provides a vision for the future of transportation across the state. This vision helps to shape the Metropolitan and Regional Planning Organizations’ transportation plans. NCDOT works with these planning organizations to ensure their transportation planning efforts are reflective of the recommendations set by NC Moves 2050. 

  • Is there funding for all the recommendations?

    ​NC Moves 2050 does not allocate specific funding amounts to the recommendations but does include a needs and revenue assessment for how NCDOT’s funding sources may be impacted in the future and estimates the amount of funding that will be available to meet transportation needs through to the year 2050. ​

  • Who was involved in developing NC Moves 2050?

    ​A diverse group of stakeholders representing transportation, economic, environmental, educational, social and technological organizations and groups were involved in the NC Moves 2050 planning process. Stakeholders, agency representatives and NCDOT staff provided their input during each planning phase. Additionally, public engagement was a keystone to the development of NC Moves 2050. Engagement opportunities across the state provided the public with the opportunity to shape the plan. Over 3 million people were engaged.

  • How can I share the NC Moves 2050 with my community/organization?

    ​A “Meeting in a Box” toolkit video​​ is available to anyone who wants to share the final NC Moves Plan materials with their community or organization. The final plan documents are here​ and the implementation plan here.​ ​​

7/9/2019 11:14 AM