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Traffic Management & Information Devices

​Traffic management and information devices work 24 hours a day to help travelers get the latest information on traffic conditions, construction and weather.

​Dynamic message signs​Dynamic message signs provide current traffic information and assist law enforcement as part of the Amber Alert System.

These signs are situated above many of North Carolina’s major arterial roadways and alert motorists of road incidents, provide information on what happened, where it happened and what to expect.

This increases safety and allows the option for motorists to take alternative routes, if available.
​Closed-circuit television camera surveillance​Closed-circuit television camera surveillance allows real-time monitoring and evaluation of traffic conditions and is used to confirm data from other modes of monitoring, such as sensors, to verify incidents and monitor congestion.
​Roadway weather information system ​A roadway weather information system is a collection of pavement and atmospheric sensors that monitor and identify weather-related events that could affect roadway traffic conditions. This sophisticated system can respond automatically by applying anti-icing chemicals to the roadway and activate other information devices, such as dynamic message signs.
​Reversible lane systems​Reversible lanes maximize the use of roadways by changing the direction of individual traffic lanes in response to traffic demands. Lane control signs are displayed well in advance of merging lanes and control the opening and closing of lanes to adapt to increasing and decreasing traffic volume.

7/10/2018 10:19 AM