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This Week at NCDOT: Ride the Train to Dreamville, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, Litter Sweep



​​​Ride the Train to Dreamville

The Dreamville Music Festival is back in Raleigh and here at the department we have your transportation covered.  

With daily service from New York, and Washington D.C., plus seven additional stops between Charlotte and Raleigh, NC By Train can save concert goers time and money.  

Passengers can arrive at Raleigh Union Station, which is only two miles from the concert’s location at Dix Park.  

To save 25% off, use promo code V681 when you visit​

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

The North Carolina Department of Transportation hosted Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day this week in Raleigh.   

The event promotes engineering as a desirable career option for young women.  

Students participated in question and answer sessions with female engineers who work at NCDOT.

Litter Sweep 

The Spring Litter Sweep campaign is taking place April 15-29.  

Litter Sweep is NCDOT’s statewide roadside litter removal initiative. Once in the fall and again in the spring people throughout North Carolina participate in local efforts to help clean up North Carolina's roadways. 

To volunteer, visit​ and search “Litter Sweep.


3/24/2023 12:05 PM