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Litter Sweep

​​​​​North Carolina Litter Sweep Sept. ​12-26

​Traditionally scheduled for the last two weeks of April and September, Litter Sweep is the N.C. Department of Transportation’s biannual statewide roadside litter removal initiative in which residents throughout North Carolina participate in local efforts to help clean up North Carolina's roadways. 

In addition to volunteers, NCDOT maintenance crews devote one week of their time during Litter Sweep to pick up litter and collect orange bags placed on the roadsides by volunteer pickups.

Volunteers are provided cleanup supplies, such as reversible orange/blue trash bags, gloves, and orange safety vests from their respective local NCDOT County Maintenance Yard office. 

To participate in Litter Sweep, contact a local NCDOT litter progam coordinator.

3/30/2020 1:28 PM