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Litter Management


Litter Management

Litter prevention starts by raising everyone's awareness of North Carolina’s litter laws that improperly disposing trash of any kind can be illegal.

Not only is it unsightly, litter costs millions of dollars to clean up and can have a negative impact on tourism and how people perceive the state while they travel through it.

Get Involved

While being aware is the first step in understanding the importance of keeping North Carolina’s roadsides clean and aesthetically pleasing, the N.C. Department of Transportation offers opportunities for the public to get involved.

Programs include:

Residents can also show their anti-litter support by purchasing a “Do Not Litter” specialty license plate. Plates require a $20 annual fee in addition to the regular license payment. A portion of the $20 from each plate sold will be allocated to NCDOT for litter reduction efforts.


6/23/2020 5:01 PM