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Adopt-A-Highway Program


Adopt-A-Highway Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You Found...What?

If you find anything unusual or interesting during your litter cleanup, use the hashtag #StrangeLitter on social media​.​
​In response to growing public concern about trash and debris along North Carolina’s roadways, the N.C. Department of Transportation established the Adopt-a-Highway program in 1988. Since then, tens of thousands of volunteers have reduced litter and also saved taxpayers millions of dollars annually in roadside cleanup costs. 

Adopt-A-Highway has more than 120,000 participants across the state — civic and community groups, including schools, religious, professional and social organizations, as well as individuals and families.

There is no fee to be part of the program, but NCDOT asks volunteer groups to commit at least four years to a 2-mile stretch of roadway. Litter cleanups happen a minimum of four times a year, and sometimes more on heavily traveled roads.

NCDOT installs two Adopt-A-Highway signs with a recognition panel on the adopted roadway and provides training and materials so volunteers can safely carry out their goals.

If you find any unusual or interesting items during your litter cleanup, use the hashtag, #StrangeLitter on social media​ so we can join in on the excitement.​

8/18/2023 11:43 AM