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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can the Adopt-A-Highway agreement be canceled?
    An Adopt-A-Highway agreement may be canceled upon 30 days written notice to the N.C. Department of Transportation.
  • What training and materials are supplied to volunteers for litter pickup?
    The N.C. Department of Transportation provides a safety video, safety vests, gloves and reversible orange and blue bags for trash and recycling, respectively. The department also removes bags of trash from roadsides once volunteers request a litter pickup.
  • Does the Adopt-A-Highway program allow groups to contract services to clean adopted sections of roadway?
    ​North Carolina law allows the N.C. Department of Transportation to permit Adopt-A-Highway groups to use contract services to clean their adopted sections of highway. Boy Scouts, high school clubs, temporary agencies, employment security commissions, welfare recipients and parolees are great sources for hire. In some instances, it might even be tax-deductible.
  • How do I separate recyclable items from trash during a cleanup?
    The N.C. Department of Transportation provides reversible orange and blue bags to help groups keep recyclables separate from trash set aside for pickup.

    After a pickup, volunteers should take all recyclable items to a recycling station. The group may use any money from recycled items. NCDOT strongly encourages volunteers to recycle trash during cleanups.
  • What wording is allowed on Adopt-A-Highway signs?
    ​The Federal Highway Administration allows only the name of an organization, business, individuals or memorial. Federal Highway Administration guidelines prohibit other wording, such as logos, slogans, messages, dates, telephone numbers or websites.
  • How can I use the Adopt-A-Highway Program as a fundraiser?
    ​Fundraising activities are permitted within the N.C. Department of Transportation's Highway Litter Management Program. Many types of organizations participate in these fundraisers, including school, civic, religious, professional and social groups.

    All funds collected from the trash pickup would be solely the property of the organization participating in the fundraiser.

7/1/2019 12:24 PM