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Project History

​​Previous Studies

Studies have been conducted to examine operations and potential improvements to I-40 and the I-40/I-440/U.S. 1/U.S. 64 interchange in Wake County.

NCDOT Feasibility Study

In October 2015, the N.C. Department of Transportation completed the FS-1005A I-40 Upgrades & Managed Lanes feasibility study, which examined the potential for upgrading 17 miles of I-40 and improving interchanges along the interstate. The study recommended managed lanes (also referred to as express lanes) as a long-term option along the corridor. General purpose lanes along I-40 were proposed for the current projects, but managed lanes were not precluded for the future.

CAMPO Feasibility Study

Proposed work to improve traffic flow along I-40 and at the I-40/I-440/U.S. 1/U.S. 64 interchange in Wake County are recommended in the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Additionally, CAMPO completed the I-40 at I-440/U.S. 1/U.S. 64 Interchange Feasibility Study in August 2015 to identify potential solutions that would accommodate future traffic capacity while minimizing impacts to surrounding development.

The interchange is the highest volume interchange in the CAMPO area and has capacity constraints due to the weaving operations between the four existing loops.

The study examined previous studies and long-term plans for the interchange as well as existing and future land use, traffic and roadway characteristics. The feasibility study resulted in the recommendation of three alternative concepts for further review and analysis.

Other Projects

NCDOT is also working on or has completed several other improvement projects in the area. These projects include:

  • Widening approximately 6.5 miles of I-440 to six lanes between Walnut Street in Cary and Wade Avenue in Raleigh (STIP U-2719), replacing pavement and bridges, and upgrading interchanges. A design-build contractor began construction in 2019.
  • Rehabilitating 3.8 miles of pavement on I-40 between Wade Avenue and I-440/U.S. 1/U.S. 64 in Raleigh (STIP I-5943). Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.
  • Rebuilding 11.5 miles of I-40/I-440 on the south side of Raleigh (STIP I-5338) that needed repair from crumbling asphalt and heavy traffic. Completed in 2018, it included replacing pavement, extending lanes between some ramps, and rehabilitating 14 bridges.

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