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Amboy & Meadow Roads Widening

​​​Project Overview

Planning and development are underway on a proposed project to widen approximately 2.6 miles of Amboy and Meadow roads in Asheville to a modernized roadway between I-240 and N.C. 81 (Biltmore Avenue). The project would also include construction of a bridge over the French Broad River.

Proposed improvements include upgrading the intersections and incorporating multimodal elements such as bicycle lanes and sidewalks. A raised median will be added to improve access management where feasible. Constraints within the corridor that will influence design include railroad right of way, natural resources, public park land, and terrain.

All major intersections are currently performing at an F Level of Service, the lowest in which a roadway’s traffic-carrying ability is measured. Levels of Service range from A — unrestricted maneuverability and operating speeds — to F, where travel on a roadway is characterized by stop-and-go conditions. 

The proposed project would improve traffic flow and safety. 

Project Funding

This project is listed as Project U-4739 in the N.C. Department of Transportation's State Transportation Improvement Program and is funded for $64.8 million.

​Estimated Cost*
​Utility relocation
​Right of way 
​Total cost ​$64,800,000

*Estimated costs subject to change​​

6/30/2023 7:27 AM