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Project History

Widening Amboy and Meadow roads is included in the French Broad River’s 2040 Comprehensive Transportation Plan, with a recommendation for a four-lane ”Urban/Suburban Avenue” cross section. The recommended speed limit is 45 mph. 

Lyman Road Project
The proposed work is part of the Wilma Dykeman Riverway Master Plan (State Transportation Improvement Program Project U-5019). This project includes improvements to Lyman Road, which intersects Amboy Road at Meadow Road.

In 2013, NCDOT completed an environmental analysis document for improvements to Lyman Road, and the preferred design option – also referred to as the preferred alternative – for Lyman Road is a two-lane cross section that provides sidewalks, multi-use paths, and planted medians, as per the Wilma Dykeman Riverway Master Plan. The speed limit is recommended to be 25 mph.

This two-lane alternative was chosen due to constraints, including the French Broad River and the Norfolk Southern rail system, and to provide for safer transportation for bicycles and pedestrians.

Due to similar goals and constraints on the Amboy Road and Meadow Road widening project, cross section features proposed as part of the Lyman Road project will also be considered on Amboy and Meadow roads.

10/25/2018 3:45 PM