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Project Highlights

The proposed Charlotte Passenger Rail Facility would help Charlotte Gateway Station meet the demands of being one of the busiest stations in the state.

Charlotte and the surrounding region have been identified as a major rail hub since the early 2000s. The site selected for the proposed Charlotte Passenger Rail Facility is most suitable due to its short distance to Charlotte Gateway Station, size of the track and having enough capacity to accommodate the facility’s needs.

The proposed rail facility would also help accommodate several new connections planned for Charlotte through the Federal Railroad Administration’s Corridor Development Program​.

Work on proposed passenger rail facility would include:

  • Updating facility for new trains
  • Building a clean, high-tech, modern facility; it is estimated that approximately 150 high-paying jobs will be on site
  • Building and track layout that allows for trains to efficiently travel through the facility 
  • Support for high frequency rail services to and from the Charlotte Gateway Station

11/29/2023 2:47 PM