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Project Highlights

In December 2017, the Federal Highway Administration approved the Final Environmental Impact Statement that the N.C. Department of Transportation prepared for the Complete 540 project.

The document summarizes the fieldwork and technical studies completed for the project's selected route — referred to as the Preferred Alternative — and includes a discussion of the potential project impacts to the human and natural environment within the study area.

The Preferred Alternative goes from west to east and combines the proposed orange, green (southern portion), mint and green (northern portion) corridor segments.

NCDOT chose the Preferred Alternative based on public input, coordination with federal, state and local agency partners, and because it:

  • Is formally supported by all local governments
  • Minimizes the number of relocations of homes and businesses, compared to other alternatives
  • Avoids impacts to the Swift Creek watershed critical area (a source for Raleigh’s drinking water)
  • Avoids the Clemmons Educational State Forest
  • Avoids impacts to historic resources
  • Minimally affects only one local park

8/4/2020 4:57 PM