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Project Highlights

Construction began in September 2022, and was paused by the N.C. Department of Transportation in Spring 2023 following substantial completion of Section 4 (Skinner Street to 14th Street). Construction will restart in March 2024, beginning with Section 6 (Atlantic Avenue to S. Pitt Street).​ For a complete list of the current construction schedule or phasing, download this graphic timeline​.​

Designs to Dickinson Avenue include roadway and streetscape improvements. The project will include the following:

  • Memorial Drive to 10th Street overpass: Retain three existing travel lanes and provide consistent 6-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the road separated from the curb by a 2-foot grass strip.

Travel lanes will be 12 feet wide from Memorial Drive to Moye Boulevard/Hooker Road, and 11 feet wide from Moye Boulevard/Hooker Road to the 10th Street overpass. 

  • 10th Street overpass to Reade Circle: Reduce two existing travel lanes to 10 feet  wide and retain 6-foot wide on-street parking between 9th Street and 8th Street. Provide 8.5-foot sidewalks on both sides of the road, adjacent to the back of the curb.
  • Streetscape elements (funded by the city): From 10th Street overpass to Reade Circle brick and concrete sidewalks will be built brick edging. 

​Additional improvements include crosswalks at the intersection of Dickinson Avenue and Reade Circle, trees, decorative streetlights, and park areas at the intersections of Dickinson Avenue with Pitt Street and Clark Avenue.

2/15/2024 8:02 AM