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Project Highlights

​​​​The Gordon Road Widening project by the N.C. Department of Transportation will widen exactly 2.5 miles of Gordon Road and include a 17.5-foot raised median.

Raised medians direct traffic from the side road into turning right. When there is a safe opening in traffic, drivers enter the flow of traffic on the main route. To go the other direction, or cross the highway, they pull into a dedicated lane – typically less than 1,000 feet away – and make a U-turn. There might be a traffic signal at this location.

The project would also include a Reduced Conflict Intersection​ (also referred to as a superstreet). The most common type of RCI eliminates left turns from side roads onto busy main roads.

The project’s proposed typical section will include:

  • 11-foot travel lanes with curb and gutter
  • 10-foot multi-use path, separated from the roadway by a grass area, on the north side5
  • 5​-foot sidewalk, separated from the roadway by grass area, on the south side

Gordon Road Typical Section

4/11/2022 6:58 AM