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Project Highlights

The N.C. Department of Transportation is working on studies that will identify the interchange design options that will best address the needs of the project study area.

The project is following a study process outlined by the National Environmental Policy Act, a law that requires NCDOT to study and document the effects the proposed project would have on the community and environment.

Once the initial studies are complete, the project team will develop alternatives for the public to review and comment. 

Revised Area Study Map

When reviewing the traffic information for the project area, the N.C. Department of Transportation concluded that improvements to the existing interchange at I-440 and U.S. 70 (Glenwood Avenue) might require the construction of auxiliary lanes on both sides of I-440 between Glenwood Avenue and Lake Boone Trail.

These lanes will only be constructed if the design option selected for the project requires them to address congestion issues at the I-440 and Glenwood Avenue interchange.

NCDOT is only collecting data about the additional study area. A decision about whether these auxiliary lanes will be needed will be made when a preferred design option is selected.

2/7/2019 4:10 PM