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Project Highlights

What the Project Will Do

As currently planned, there will be two express lanes added in each direction between uptown Charlotte and Exit 28 in Cornelius. Between Cornelius and Exit 36 in Mooresville, there will be one express lane added in each direction.

The existing high-occupancy vehicle lanes (one in each direction), commonly known as carpool lanes, on the southern part of the project, are being converted to express lanes.

The existing lanes will always remain free of charge. The project is not adding or taking away any general-purpose lanes, but the lanes will be resurfaced to preserve the pavement and provide motorists with a smoother ride.

How Traffic Will Flow

Along the 26-mile I-77 corridor, drivers will be able to enter and exit express lanes in several locations. This map provides a detailed look at those locations.
These points will give drivers multiple opportunities to decide if they want to take advantage of the time-saving benefits the express lanes offer. They will also help ensure motorists can easily reach their destinations from the express lanes. Each segment in the corridor will be tolled separately, and. prior to the entry point of each segment, drivers will see signs that indicate the amount of the toll.

Drivers can also count on the express lanes to offer more reliable travel times than the general-purpose lanes. By setting speed standards on the express lanes, NCDOT can ensure traffic will flow at speeds of at least 45 mph during peak travel times, while vehicles on the general-purpose lanes might be moving at a much slower pace.

Tolling will be electronic; there will be no toll booths stopping traffic. The North Carolina Turnpike Authority, not I-77 Mobility Partners, will handle billing drivers for tolls. A driver who uses the express lanes will pay the toll through one of three methods:

  • A transponder account with the North Carolina Turnpike Authority
  • An existing transponder account with EZ-Pass, PeachPass or SunPass
  • A bill by mail (plus administrative costs) based on a photograph of the license plate

GoRaleigh buses, identifiable carpools of three or more people, emergency vehicles and motorcyclists will not be charged tolls to travel in the express lanes.

7/10/2018 10:18 AM