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Express Lanes in N.C.


This map shows information about express lanes in North Carolina. Click to enlarge.
Express lanes in North Carolina are key to improving traffic congestion and providing drivers with a more reliable and predictable route. Drivers have the choice of taking express lanes to reach their destination sooner by paying a toll or travel in the general-purpose lanes for free. By better managing traffic flow, express lanes reduce travel delays for all lanes.

Tolls to use express lanes are collected through an NC Quick Pass account or through an invoice in the mail. The most cost-effective option is using an NC Quick Pass account to save 35% on all tolls in North Carolina.

By law, all toll projects in North Carolina are requested by metropolitan or rural​ transportation planning organizations, who best represent communities and their individual transportation needs.

Where are Express Lanes in N.C.?

I-77 Express Lanes North

Opened to traffic in 2019, I-77 includes approximately 27 miles of dedicated express lanes from Brookshire Freeway (Exit 11) in Mecklenburg County to N.C. 150 (Exit 36) in Iredell County. The N.C. Turnpike Authority collects the toll revenue for the express lanes. The lanes are operated by the private developer, I-77 Mobility Partners​. The N.C. Turnpike Authority is not responsible for the operation or maintenance of the I-77 Express Lanes.

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I-485 Express Lanes

​The I-485 Express Lanes project is currently under construction and once completed, will add one express lane in each direction for approximately 17 miles between I-77 and Independence Boulevard (U.S. 74) in southern Charlotte. The project includes an additional general-purpose lane in each direction from Rea Road to Providence Road and other corridor improvements.

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U.S. 74 Express Lanes from
I-277 to West of Idlewild Road

The proposed 5-mile express lanes project would convert the existing bus lane in the median of Independence Boulevard (U.S. 74) in Charlotte from I-277 to west of Idlewild Road to one express lanes in each direction.​

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U.S. 74 Express Lanes from West of Idlewild Road to I-485

​​The proposed 6.3-mile express lanes project would widen and add express lanes, one in each direction, to Independence Boulevard (U.S. 74) from west of Idlewild Road to I-485 in Charlotte.

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I-77 Express Lanes South (I-277/N.C. 16 (Brookshire Freeway) to S.C. State Line)*

​​The proposed project would widen approximately 11 miles of I-77 to 10 lanes by adding two express lanes in each direction from I-277/N.C. 16 (Brookshire Freeway) in Charlotte to the South Carolina state line.

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7/23/2024 3:51 PM