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Sections & Units

​​The N.C. Turnpike Authority consists of several sections and units that that support its work in studying, planning, developing, maintaining and operating toll roads in the state.

Toll Operations & NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center

Toll Operations and the NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center have the responsibility of overseeing the planning, design, implementation, operations and maintenance of all roadside technology as well as the NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center and storefronts. The NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center manages the “Quick Pass” transponders program, Bill-by-Mail invoicing and toll related customer service.

Project Development, Construction & Maintenance

This section is responsible for the planning, design, contracting, construction and maintenance of all toll projects. Once a project is submitted for consideration by a local planning organization and prioritized for funding, the planning and preliminary design work leads to an innovative contract method to expedite the work, such as design-build. In concert with N.C. Department of Transportation personnel, this section then ensures quality construction and high standards of maintenance.

Finance & Budget

This section has the responsibility of maintaining all financial records of toll roads, including the payment of debt service and due-diligence needed for fiscal controls. With the development of other road and bridge projects in various stages of planning, this section also oversees the traffic and revenue studies that determine the projected income from toll operations along with various expenses.

Regular audits and rate changes are monitored and reported to the N.C. Turnpike Authority Board of Directors as well as made available for public scrutiny.

Communications & Community Affairs

For the state of North Carolina to develop toll roads and express lanes to expedite congestion relief, great care must be taken to provide good communications and transparency for the public. Tolling, in effect, is a major public policy. As a result, this unit is charged with providing the communications, marketing, education, public relations and liaison efforts with state and local government officials.

This unit promotes and articulates outreach goals and objectives to all partners involved in the tolling process. As concerns arise from the public, this unit helps coordinate solutions and responses that minimize problems.

Administration & Governance

The N.C. Turnpike Authority is governed by a board of directors, as well as a trained staff that manages and oversees the many moving parts of development, operations, finance, community affairs and professional consulting expertise. Best administration practices and governance keep the Turnpike team functioning at peak efficiency while also being frugal with the public tax dollars needed to build and maintain the toll projects in North Carolina.

4/30/2019 12:04 PM