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Toll Collection


Drivers have two ways to pay tolls in North Carolina, with a prepaid NC Quick Pass transponder account or through the post-paid Bill by Mail program​.

NC Quick Pass

An NC Quick Pass account is the easiest and most cost-effective way to pay tolls. Customers with a NC Quick Pass account save 35 percent on tolls in North Carolina and can pay tolls in 19 states. Customers with an accepted out of state transponder can also receive the 35 percent discount on tolls in North Carolina. Sign up for a NC Quick Pass account on the NC Quick Pass website or the NC Quick Pass App

Bill by Mail

Drivers who do not wish to open an account will pay through the post-paid Bill by Mail program. Under this program, the registered owner of the vehicle receives an invoice in the mail at the higher Bill by Mail​ rate. Customers can visit NC Quick Pass​ to pay any time.

6/20/2024 1:31 PM