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Toll Operations


Triangle Expressway
North Carolina's two modern toll roads, the Triangle Expressway and the Monroe Expressway, utilize all-electronic tolling technology, which eliminates the need for drivers to stop to pay a toll.

Instead, drivers travel at highway speeds through "free-flow toll zones" that use high-speed video cameras and overhead gantries with radio frequency readers to identify drivers and collect tolls.

Triangle Expressway
The approach, called open-road tolling, not only eliminates toll booths and allows for free-flowing traffic, it significantly improves the quality of life for travelers and communities.

Other benefits to open-road tolling include:

  • Increased driver convenience and safety with nonstop payment
  • Improved traffic flow and reduced congestion
  • Reduced driver commute time
  • Reduced emissions, which are a major cause of pollution
  • Reduced operating costs for toll authorities


6/18/2020 2:45 PM